About Girlmakesface

Oh hey! My name is Stephanie and I’m a 37-year-old originally from Arkansas but living in Tennessee. About 12 years ago I quit my job to go to school to be a hairstylist. I had already been dabbling in make-up for a couple years and did that as a freelance artist on the side. A while after hair school, I realized hair wasn’t in my heart and ended up doing make-up full-time for a couple well-known brands as well as freelancing hair and make-up on the side. I still felt unfulfilled. Like the pieces still didn]t come all the way together. It wasn’t until I left my stable make-up job and went BACK to school for skin that everything fell into place.

I had been working for years COVERING UP the platform of pretty make-up. The skin. Even my own. I applied layers and layers of make up to hide what I was embarrassed of: my skin. Next to my weight, my skin was the second thing about myself that I was most self-conscious of. I had neglected my own skin for basically my whole life and had been opened up to a new world of the SCIENCE of skin care. *Cue the sparkly magic sound*

I pride myself in educating my clients on how to take care of their skin, help correct it, and maintain their results. I have spent a majority of my life having low self-esteem and that’s what I see the most often. Skin concerns can effect your self-esteem so severely. That’s why I’ve connected so much with the beauty industry. It’s not the vanity of it, it’s feeling BETTER. Whatever that may look like to you, then do it for yourself. I’ve been on my own life and skin journey myself so I completely get it. 

This career has been one of the most fulfilling things I have done=albeit sometimes scary. I had a lot of fears when I started but it’s definitely where I’m meant to be. I work through big dreams, self doubt, and self-esteem issues on a daily basis, but have a lot of fun making connections in the process. One of my biggest goals is to help people through my treatments and guidance, and I’m constantly figuring out new ways to work toward that. I’m really glad and very grateful that you’ve chosen to follow along and see the things I’m creating, and the skin changes I’m helping to make.